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For over fourty years GTS has been supplying copper clad laminates, coverlays and cast adhesives (bond ply) to PCB manufacturers that specialise in flexible printed circuitry. Our High Temp product line offers a range of constructions and adhesives that have been proven to excel in harsh automotive requirements. Customised products that meet specific design and technical requirements have augmented our extensive offering to the automotive industry.

  • Flame-retardant
  • Humidity and pyrolysis resistant
  • 12 months ambient shelf-life
  • Top VDA audit ratings
  • Strict adherence to APQP process
  • Car antennas
  • Heaters
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Battery interconnect

case study

LED front-light material: Coverlay with 25µm black, high-temperature epoxy on 50µm PEN

Project Target:

To develop a black high-temperature Epoxy adhesive for a LED front light

Project Set-up:

Several known adhesives were identified as candidates, based on previous design knowledge. A comparative study was arranged based on DOE (Design of Experiments) techniques.

Project Execution:

Samples of laboratory products were aged and tested for peel strength at various times up to 1000 hours, with the criteria for acceptable behaviour set at a peel strength greater than 0.7 N/mm. A number of adhesive formulations were discarded as they showed a reduction of bonding during the ageing period. Others were adjusted and re-tested. The experimental work was completed in three months.

Project Result:

One formulation proved outstanding with regard to both temperature and humidity resistance and was able to meet the customer-specified parameters. Following the laboratory work a prototype was manufactured, technical data sheets written and the customer received pre-production material to produce flexible circuits for qualification with the OEM.

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