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Customers can choose products out from four different product lines. ULTRAFLEX offers a versatile range with materials that span a wide variety of applications and industries. POWER LINE is specifically geared to service our Laminated Busbar industry. HIGH TEMP and BLACK LINE are unique brands to highlight specific product characteristics.

  • Large range of insulation films covering PET, PEN, PI, Aramid papers and other dielectrics
  • Tapes (coverlays), cast adhesives (bond-ply) and copper or aluminum clad laminates
  • Antimony free flame retardant adhesives available
  • Focus on epoxy adhesives for their superior temperature and chemical resistance with several acrylic and PU based systems also available
  • Long-term trust in product quality and reliability appreciated by a range of OEMs in the automotive and other industries

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  • Products targeted for the global Laminated Busbar market with a 12 month minimum shelf-life
  • Heavy gauge epoxy adhesive tapes for insulating copper busbars using polyester and polyimide films as well as aramid paper
  • Double-sided multilayer materials available with fast cure epoxy blends
  • Large selection of PET films with clear and white options, low shrink and high temperature (150°C) options
  • Flame Retardant adhesives including non-halogenated versions

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  • Designed to meet the growing demand for electronic materials that can withstand operation conditions beyond the standard 105°C
  • Blended epoxy systems offer higher temperature resistance while maintaining flame retardancy and bond strength requirements
  • Careful selection of suitable dielectrics that maintain electrical and mechanical strength under prolonged heat exposure
  • Expertise in making PEN based flex materials that withstand typical PCB assembly  processes such as a reflow solder

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  • Designed for applications where the tape or coverlay is required to be black or charcoal grey
  • Hides the presence of the circuit or connector in specific applications such as automotive LED lighting circuits and windscreen connectors
  • Options include black PI (polyimide) and PET films or black coloured adhesive systems
  • High temperature and flame retardant versions available

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