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New Directors

As part of GTS’s succession planning and in recognition of the increasing size of the business two new Director positions have been created.

Paul Young has become Operations Director. Paul joined the Company in 1994, initially as an operator but then in a variety of management roles before being appointed Operations Manager in 2015. As a result he has been involved in all aspects of the operational side of the business for some time now and will take an increasingly key role in dealing with the main customer and supplier relationships from an operations perspective.

Ian Chitty has progressed to Quality and Technical Director. He has been with the Company for 15 years and has had a significant role in the leadership of the Technical team for a number of years. This inevitably means that there has been a significant cross over with the work of the Quality team and he will therefore assume overall responsibility for this part of the business as well.

Paul and Ian accepted their new roles as members of the Board as of June 1st.